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Hi all,

After loots of reading and some magic I got Xibo CMS 2.36 running on Ubuntu & Docker.
I really don’t know what I did but it works. Mixed several how tos to have all pieces working together and a lot of mistakes and roll backs to finally get it running.
The problem is it feels uncomfortable to go live with something I dont understand.
Could not find an updated installation guide that works from start to end.
Is there a full step by step guide on the installation process?
I’m quite confortable with Linux or WIndows, so the OS is not a major problem.
Any suggestions?



All installation guides can be found in our Administration documentation here: Administration Manual
We also have documentation for features and functionality of Xibo here: User Manual

We also have a free online course for administration set up: Admin Essentials

Other courses for new users you may find useful:
Introduction to the Xibo CMS
Content Creation

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