Search display returns displays without the currect dsipkayGroupId

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I an using the system’s REST API to pull the available displays from my user account, and I need to to use the “collectNow” action on the displayGroup, to which I assigned my display, because it is not available on the display API actions and I need to refresh the player asap.
The problem is, even though the display is a member of the display group the “displayGroupId” parameter that returns from the “Search Display” API call is always this display group ID number that doesn’t even exits on Xibo system.

Any idea why is that? is that a bug in the system?


Hi gitch84, welcome to the community!

When you run a GET display search call, you are correct that you will see that each display has its own unique displayGroupId. This is not the same as the displayId but both can be used to run calls for that specific display.

For example, if I want to run the change layout call on one of my displays, you can see that call is also under the display group actions:

If I run the display search call and check the displayGroupId for my test display I can see it is listed as 512. When I use that ID with my change layout call, you can see that it is successful:

In short, the unique displayGroupId you see with each display is not a bug, it is a unique ID you can use to specify that particular display in a display group call, without needing to add the display to a group.

Many Thanks.

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