Scrolling Not Working

Our Xibo Machines, as mentioned in past posts, are used to access our online catalog. We’re a public library. Each of these machines are attached to a Touch Screen. One one of them, scrolling via touch has ceased to work properly. Touching links works just fine; however, when we attempt to scroll through a list of titles, no movement happens. We do get a line on the screen that follows your finger.

Scrolling works just fine on this particular machine when using Windows and web browsers. The problem seems to be with Xibo specifically. We have several machines here with the same setup that don’t seem to be having the problem. I’ve tried uninstalling/reinstalling and using a different version of the client. All produced the same results.

I would suggest to check your touch screen settings and also driver settings.
Please also make sure that you have the same browser in this machine as in the other ones.

Best regards

This machine is set up almost identically to the others that are working; the only difference is the client it was using. As mentioned, I rolled back the machine to the working clients. The problem persisted afterward. Touch screen settings seem solid and I have re-calibrated. If I override Xibo and use it like a normal computer, touch scrolling works normally.

Apologies for the late reply. I must’ve missed an email notification that someone responded to my first post.