Screenshot function no longer works

screenshot function no longer works, goes only once

We received a community supported patch for this, which changed the player so that it only took a screenshot covering the bounds of the active window (whereas before it took a screenshot of the entire desktop).

I wonder if this patch might have broken screenshots when there is content being displayed which runs within its own form.

Can you try and schedule a layout which only has an image on it, and see if the screen shot function starts working again?

no, only works once
checkmark does not go away

Do you get any error messages on the client information screen?

only one:

RegisterAgentThread|12.03.2015 16:16:38|Error|RegisterAgent - Run|Exception in Run: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Please can you try this exe downloading and replacing it with your current one.

I believe I have fixed the issue and tested locally confirming it is working.

it does not work, please try more than once

I have a test layout with a digital clock embedded in it - I have confirmed that with the player running I can request a screenshot once, twice, three and four times and the clock always updates on my screenshot. This is using the latest code provided.

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I send 2 jpgs by email

I have uninstalled Xibo client, then reinstalled.
Then copied the new exe to the install directory.

I haven’t received those files - perhaps you can just put them in a drop box or something?! Make life easier for everyone :smile:

Your patch process is fine.

What is your collection interval set to on the player? Don’t forget that the command to request a new screen shot will only be picked up by the player when it next collects.

Collection intervall: 60

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OK, so it turns out this is an extremely obscure problem where the player attempts calculate when it should and should not apply new settings from the CMS.

It calculates a hash of all the settings it received and if it receives the same hash for a second time, it doesn’t bother updating the settings and therefore misses the request for a new screenshot.

The final fix was to remove the hash when the screen shot request is marked as processed.

EXE in the same place as before.

with the last exe

it’s not working …
once only
checkmark does not go away

Version Information last exe:
windows 1.7.0 104


I will PM you a private link - one moment

wonderful, it works perfect now …

nice weekend

Excellent!! :confetti_ball:

Thanks for the feedback and good weekend!

Hi, i have a quick question about screenshot feature, once we use the drop down menu to ping “Request Screenshot” under display menu, where does this screenshot image get either “saved” or “sent to” by email?


Displays -> Filter -> View (Screen shot thumbnails)

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Thanks hhan.

I tried it and it works, screenshot function itself no longer works, right?