Screens appear logged for hours and recover again while still responding to ping

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Tizen on Samsung QB43 screens

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We currently have a locally hosted Xibo server (on VM-Ware) with 4 Samsung QB43 digital signage screens. All the screens use the Tizen client, 3 of these screens have the same schedule. 1 screen has no issues at all, but the other 2 keep showing up as offline (with alerts showing) for 1 hour or several hours and then appear back online. During this entire time the screens keep playing the schedule (though I assume without updates) and respond to pinging. If I change the screens to a different source (like hdmi) and go back to tizen-source afterwards, the screens contact the sever straight away and show as online again. I have put the screens on a different switch in the cabinet as well and the problem persists. All power-saving/eco-settings on the screens are disabled.Screens and server have been rebooted, nothing seems to help.
Can anyone help me in the right direction to try and diagnose this issue?Thanks.


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