Screen should be locked

Since we run the Xibo PLayer on a touchscreen, it should be secured during the presentation. Nobody should be able to press on the screen.

How can I do that?

Thank you very much for information :smiley:

Hi ManuManu, welcome to the Xibo Community!

What version of the Xibo Player are you using? You may find that there are 3rd party applications that will lock the screen for you so no touch input can be made, or at least will make accessing the device via touch more difficult.

Many Thanks.

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Hi Dan,
Thank you for your quick response.
I am using the Xibo for Android R202.

I’m still very new in this area, so I need some help with setting up.

Could one lock also different levels with the layouts?

What do you mean by third-party? Would this require further programming?

Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Thanks for confirming the version of Xibo Player you are using.

By third party I mean other companies separate from Xibo who create their own apps to provide the type of functionality you are looking for. One example that I am aware of but must make clear I have not tested so cannot officially recommend, is Touch Lock. This app essentially disables touch input. There is a way to unlock touch so that it’s not permanent but you may find an app like this could provide the solution you are looking for.

Alternatively there is a way that you can limit what a user can do whilst the Xibo for Android Player is running. If you log into your CMS, you will see a menu option named Display Settings. If you go there, you will see a list of Profiles, one for each platform the Player is available on (unless you added extra Profiles of course :slight_smile: ). Click the button at the end of the Android Profile and choose Edit from the menu. The Edit Profile window should open, click the Advanced tab to see this:

Normally when you click the screen when the Android app is running, the Action Bar menu will appear at the top, allowing you to view the Status Logs, or even access the device settings. You can see in my screenshot I have set the Action Bar Mode to Hide. This means if someone clicks the screen while the Xibo for Android Player is running, the Action bar and other menu options will not appear, stopping others from accessing them. This may not be quite what you are looking for depending on what you would like to achieve but I can’t see the harm in making you aware of this option.

I hope the above information is helpful and you are able to find a suitable solution.

Many Thanks.

Thank you very much Dan

I’ll test right away.
I would prefer a complete locked touchscreen.
But first I’ll take a look around and try to understand the software and content ;).

Thank you and have a nice weekend

Sounds great, hope the tests go well! Entirely up to you but it would be great to know how your tests went and what solution worked best for you. I’m sure there are other members of the Community who would find this helpful too!

Either way, all the best with your Xibo setup.

Many Thanks.