Scheduling your content with Dayparts in 1.8

Originally published at: Scheduling your content with Dayparts in 1.8

Dayparting - schedules your content to the Right people, Right place, Right time!

So what is Dayparting? Just like in broadcast programming Dayparting allows your scheduled content to be shown the to the right people, on the right day at the right time. Create and schedule your content into the Daypart and let Xibo do the rest!

You can update Daypart time slots to update all existing future events so no need to amend dates/timings in complex schedules.

Does your content differ from the weekday to the weekend? No problem, use the Exception functionality to tailor the Daypart to exactly what you need, when you need it!

The following video shows you how you can tailor your scheduling by using Dayparting for maximum effect!

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