Scheduling with recurrenceType month and recurrenceRepeatsOn makes the display unaccessible in the API


I was trying to schedule layouts using the CMS, to see what the result look like using the API.

For my tests, I’m calling this url :

And it was working. But then I tried a monthly recurrenceType, and in the list below I chose “On the th monday”.

When I reloaded the URL, it gave me that :

Just to be sure, I tried the same with the display 2, and again the page displayed an error.
Also in the CMS, all the scheduled layouts were not scheduled anymore for that display, and now I can’t add schedules.

Any idea why ?


Just found that it “unlocks” the display whenever I make that call via postman {{url}}/api/schedule/1/events?date=2019-07-22 08:00:00
But it “relocks” it when I schedule a layout with the same options