Scheduled Regions

Is there a way to have one layout that runs for the whole day but the content in certain regions changes based on either the time or the screen its running on?
Currently I duplicate the layout and then schedule them as welcome, midday and evening layouts but that means if I make a change to the “static” content that appears throughout the day on all three layouts I have to do that on three layouts which is a pain.

Similarly I have identical layouts that appear on multiple screens except on region with content specific to the team in the room with that screen. If I make changes to the content in the layout that appears on all screens I have to do the same changes in each layout for each screen.

Eg the screens display reports for each office in a location specific region but have a common ticker region, a common “tip of the day” region and a common “situations vacant” region. When we get a new situation vacant I have to update the common region for each location for each time of the day so three screens with 3 day parts means 9 identical changes to make.

Am I missing something obvious?

v 2.2.2

For the static content that is shown across multiple Layouts you could create a Playlist. You would then add this Playlist to multiple Layouts using the Sub-Playlist Widget. When you needed to update the information, you would then only need to update the Playlist rather than having to edit each Layout.