Scheduled Reboot Task causes an Application Error


we encounter (on around 10 devices) this problem:

It seems it has to do with a planned restart. The devices crash always around 05:00 in the morning. All our windows-player do a planned reboot every day (at that time).

All devices are Win10, 2004/20H1, 64Bit.
Xibo is: windows 2 R254.1-254

The crash occurs at the shutdown sequence (not at the automatic log-on).
Another one:

The windows task does simply:
shutdown /r /t 0
This will be executed at 05:00.

And again, I think it has something to do with the Net-Framework.
But the same Framework-Version is installed on all PCs…

another one:

New day, new problems, another machine, imho same error:

I’m not completely clear on the issue here? You’re saying the auto task to reboot crashes the Player?

Does that mean the Player is fine again after the reboot? Or does it happen after reboot?

Hi Dan, yes something crahes at the scheduled reboot.

But after a long and painful troubleshooting, we found the root-cause. :smiley:
You need the to select the (second) box “Run whether user is logged on or not”!


If the first setting “Run only when user is logged on” is selected, the reboot sequence (with player V254) will crash. This was reproducible on all PCs with that palyer version and Win10 64Bit (2004).

The reason why only a few PCs were affected, one technician selected the second option by default. Another tech used the first option.

Maybe this helps for further questions regarding this problem.

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Really pleased you found the root cause :fireworks:

I’ve modified the title and accepted your answer as the solution for anyone who might have the same issue.

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