Scheduled layouts and stuff going on

Kindly Staff of XIBO,

Im still using in our Townhall this software, its really amazing.
I was wondering about a thing. If there’s a layout (#1) going on for all the time, and I schedule a layout (#2) that will play every 10 minutes (a slideshow. about 60 seconds ), after those 60 seconds the first layout that play all the day will restart automatically?

I hope this is clear to understand, this is not my language…


Yes, that’s correct, the scheduled layout will be displayed for the time specified in the event and then player will go back to displaying the first layout.

In your case, it could be good to:
Make sure that 1st layout has the longest duration about 10min
2nd layout as you say about 1 min

Then create a campaign add both layouts to the campaign and schedule it to your display.

The schedule page will look better this way, as you will not need to create lots of events and the result on the player will be the same.

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Thanks so much, Peter. This was really helpful for me.
There’s only a last thing in my mind…
If the Daily Layout (10mins approx) is currently playing a wmv movie, while there’s a call for the short layout #2, the movie will play till the end before playing the #2 ? Or the movie will stop, forcing immediately the #2?

Thanks again

If you will have both layouts in campaign, then before second layout will be displayed the first layout will need to finish - ie it will be displayed for the full duration.

Thanks Peter a lot!
Really kind.