Scheduled events with duration under 24h does not schedule


when we try to schedule a new event if the end time is something under next day from the day scheduled the event does not start.

It does not matter if you use the schedule event form in Schedule or the “Shedule Now” action.

This example of a one hour event is never going to play.

We are using Admin 1.7.4


Needless to say it shouldn’t happen.
I can tell you that we are not having problems with scheduling in our test CMS.
You don’t host with us (Spring Signage), right? I am asking because if you would host with then it would be easier to determine what could be wrong.

Few questions:
So if you schedule this event in example (1h) then what happen?
Is it added to the schedule?
What’s on the device’s status window?
What is you collection interval for this device?