Scheduled campaign is playing multiple times


I created 7 video layouts and i added it to a campaign

I scheduled a campaign for 5 minutes and i was launched with xibo windows player

in total 7 videos some videos are playing multiple times.

Could you please help me out in this issue i want to play all 7 videos one time
and also tell me how to schedule like that (i.e time and all )
each video duration on average 30 seconds.

I assume you are using all the videos in a fullscreen region, so all your layouts are basically the same but with different videos, yes?
Perhaps it would be a better option to just add all the videos to the same layout?
Then either set duration for each video or leave it at 0 (video duration will be detected automatically) and just schedule that layout.

As a side note:
Is it perhaps possible that some of yours videos were not fully downloaded by your player? Or that your player has some issues displaying some of them? In both cases it might have skipped some videos that’s why the playback wasn’t as expected.

Thank you peter,

I added all videos in one layout and I’m scheduling it .It is working

But after completion of all videos again it is playing from first, i don’t want like that.
is there any solution for that?

I have another Query, By what basis we need to schedule Server time or Client time?

Videos will be displayed in the same order as they are ordered on the layout
If you’d like to randomise that order, it’s not currently supported in 1.7.

CMS/device date/time settings should match your actual timezone so it should be all the same.

Xibo is designed to play whatever you have scheduled in rotation until that scheduled event’s time is over - we do not have functionality to “play once”.

The date you schedule is taken to mean “client time”. If you had 2 displays, one in GMT and the other in GMT+8 and you scheduled at midnight - the GMT display would play at midnight and the GMT+8 display would play at 8AM.