Schedule repeating video 1.7.4

Hi all

I am trying to schedule some layouts to play over the top of my usual layout, one every ten minutes, however when a video plays it will repeat itself twice before returning to the usual schedule or next video (which will play twice).

Any idea if I am doing something wrong in the settings?

An example of one video below:

So you will want to adjust the End Time in your scheduled event.

As it is right now it’s scheduled to play 09.12-19.12 (all the time) + set to repeat every hour.

So depending on length of your videos in this layout (make sure you don’t have too long durations there or it may interfere with the schedule) basically depending on how long you wish to display this layout you will have to adjust few settings.

As a example, lets say you want your special layout to be displayed for 10min every 1 hour (both can of course be adjusted)

You will want to schedule it more like
Start 09.12 16:10
End 09.12 16:20
Repeats hourly
every 1
until 19.12

It will play 16:10-16:20, then back to default layout, then 17:10-17:20 special layout again, back to default and so on and so forth.


Ah right brilliant.

If, for example, the layout is playing a video that is 4 minutes long, and I have the event schedule for a 5 minute duration, I assume it will loop?

I assume there is no option for the layout to play the content once and then revert back to the usual layout until it triggers again?

Yes, exactly it will loop.

As for your second question, you are also right, unfortunately, no, at least not in 1.7 series, it might be possible in the future…

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