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I’m facing with a problem about notifications. No Matter when I schedule the notification, it changes automatically on my layouts (they all have the notification widget).
What is the point to make possible the scheduling if it is not taken in account ? I hope there is something I missed.

Hello, could you confirm the CMS version you are using and give more details as to how you have set this up in order for me to try and replicate.

Thank you


CMS version : Version 2.3.10.

I have a layout with notification widget in it. Some users have rights to create notifications and thus messages are displayed on screens having this layout set up. We were trying to set up a notification to start on next Monday while it was Friday. So, in the notification center, we created a new notification, with a starting date for next Monday, with a message, object, screens targeted etc… What happened is that the notification has been displayed “instantaneously” ( after layout update), so without taking our starting date in account.

I hope you have all details needed here.

Thank you.

Hi Thomas_s. I have tested your issue and was able to replicate the bug. The development team are aware of this and an issue report has been created. If you would like to track the progress of this issue, you can go to the link below:

Many Thanks.

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