Schedule Deletion of Layouts

Hi all,

I have recently implemented a Xibo system in our office which, minus a few delays with ICT server connections, is running absolutely perfectly.

My question is this: is it possible to schedule layouts to be deleted after their scheduled time? For example, we regularly want an image that will only be scheduled for maybe 3 days, whilst we have a normal general presentation that always runs (so it will play the general presentation, then show the one temporary slide, then repeat. Then after 3 days, the temporary slide will no longer be in rotation). After the 3 days are up, it is unlikely that 3 day layout will be used again (as it is usually an advertisement for a seminar, or something on a specific date).

Is there a better way for me to schedule these temporary advertisements, or is there some way so that after it is removed from the schedule, the layout is deleted?

I need this because I will be handing control of this system over to another team in the building once it is fully ready. They are very happy with Xibo but, if possible, would like to not have to manually delete all these extra layouts.

I am aware you can automatically delete unused images with the click of a button, but I am unsure about layouts.

Thanks in advance for any help!

The answer is…not yet, well not quite.

With 1.9 and full playlist implementation - Playlists Blueprint you will be able to set it up in a more convenient way.

As it is now (1.8 series), you could use API calls to delete layouts -
you’d need to know the layoutId though.

Thanks for your help, I’ll look into that option.