Schedule Approval by Admin with Google Authenticator


Today, there are some events require the security of digital signage screens to be increased. In a few recent reports, adult content has been shown on the menu boards and hospital screens in public places, for causing damage to companies. One of the cases was that an employee who had access to the design screens and that he intentionally did this to harm the company, while the other was a hacked panel.

We are now able to activate MFA by using 3rd party software with Xibo Saml feature. So we can use Google Authenticator during dashboard login. This makes Xibo a little more safer.

I think, If the content prepared by the designers will be subject to approval by the administrator before they are scheduled, and if the manager approve it with one time code which is generated by an app like google authenticator, this process will make public screens more secure.

There can be a schedule approval activation check box in setting menu.
A new page which will be visible to administrator who has rights to see.This page will show waiting layout versions which is scheduled by designer or other workers.Admin can be approve all together or each one seperetaly.
This process can be handled like a wordpress site post system maybe.