Saving with CMS... Please wait

:rage: I’m crazy !! :rage:
Ok I had Xibo and everything was perfect !!!
And I delete Xibo to install it again !
And now I’m stuck with : “Saving with CMS… Please wait”

Xibo CMS & Client : 1.7.7
Xampp : 3.2.2

I had the same problem the first time but I can’t remember how I manage it :sob:
So is there someone who have a idea of what can be the problem ?

My server adress is : localhost:8000/xibo and it working because if I changed it I have 404 error
But the key is not control because if I change it, it still display “Saving with CMS… please wait”

So I just reinstall Xibo but it don’t need time to be operational right ?


Oh Good !!
It’s crazy !! It’s really need some time before we can add some Displays !!??

Because this morning evrything work I could add my display instantly !!
If someone can explain :grin:

SOLVED (I think)

Well, I’m glad it’s ok, I’m also not sure what was wrong in this case.

Perhaps just a web server restart was required?

In any case, since it seems to work fine now, I’ll close this topic.