Saving Videos to USB Drive

Is it possible to save videos into my USB Drive which is in my STB that is connected to XIBO Server?

If your USB drive shows up as a public storage location, you can choose that as the storage Xibo will use from the Player settings menu. If it doesn’t show it as a valid location, then I’m afraid you can’t use it on that device.

May I know where is the Player Settings Menu??

Assuming this is about Xibo for Android, on the top action bar, there are 3 dots, click on it then on settings, there you will have access to Public storage and storage options.

Dear Xibo,
I have clicked on the 3 dots and i have checked the 'Use Public Storge?'
checkbox. Whats the next step to do if I want to save something from the
Xibo Server into my thumbdrive connected to my STB?? Thanks in advance!

You need to also choose your USB device as the storage location to use. It’s the menu item under Use Public Storage.

Once selected, the Player will store whatever you send from the CMS to that storage location instead of the internal storage in your device. The content will still come from the CMS.