SAML bug? SAML relaystate sets http instead of https

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CMS Version

release-3.0.7 (Docker version)

Player Type

Xibo for Linux

Player Version

1.8 R6


I have my CMS server on AWS sitting behind an application load balancer which listens to port 443 and forward the request to the CMS server on port 80.

I have configured Settings-custom.php file as the following:

$authentication = new \Xibo\Middleware\SAMLAuthentication();
$samlSettings = array (
   'workflow' => array(
        // Enable/Disable Just-In-Time provisioning
        'jit' => true,
        // Attribute to identify the user
        'field_to_identify' => 'UserName',   // Alternatives: UserID, UserName or email
        // Default libraryQuota assigned to the created user by JIT
        'libraryQuota' => 0,
        // Initial User Group
        'group' => 'users',
        // Home Page
#        'homePage' => 'icondashboard',
        // Enable/Disable Single Logout
        'slo' => false,
        // Attribute mapping between XIBO-CMS and the IdP
        'mapping' => array (
            'UserID' => '',
            'usertypeid' => '',
            'UserName' => 'USER_NAME',
            'email' => 'EMAIL',
   // Settings for the PHP-SAML toolkit.
   // See documentation:
   'strict' => false,
   'debug' => true,
   'idp' => array (
            'entityId' => '',
            'singleSignOnService' => array (
                'url' => '',
            'singleLogoutService' => array (
                'url' => '',
            'x509cert' => xxxxxxx
            'NameIDFormat' => 'urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:1.1:nameid-format:unspecified',
   'sp' => array (
        'entityId' => '',
        'assertionConsumerService' => array (
            'url' => '',
        'singleLogoutService' => array (
            'url' => '',
#        'NameIDFormat' => 'urn:oasis:names:tc:SAML:2.0:nameid-format:emailAddress',
        'x509cert' => '',
        'privateKey' > '',
    'security' => array (
        'nameIdEncrypted' => false,
        'authnRequestsSigned' => false,
        'logoutRequestSigned' => false,
        'logoutResponseSigned' => false,
        'signMetadata' => false,
        'wantMessagesSigned' => false,
        'wantAssertionsSigned' => false,
        'wantAssertionsEncrypted' => false,
        'wantNameIdEncrypted' => false,

when I navigate to , Xibo is redirecting to idp and passes as the RelayState instead of, so idp is returning it to xibo cms server after authenticating me and supposed to redirect me to the page I was trying to access, BUT the relay state has http instead of https for some reason

The authentication is happening correctly from idp side. idp POSTs the SAMLResponse to with as the Relaystate. Idp then redirects me to the RelayState, here is my problem: the request times out because the load balancer is not listening on port 80. So why xibo cms uses http instead of https for the RelayState. any idea why is that happening? is it a bug?

the screenshots below is from saml-tracer plugin:


You are missing the following from your settings-custom.php file:


which needs to go right at the end of the file, before any ?> tag

Assuming you have used the template it would be the following:

'security' => array ( 'nameIdEncrypted' => false, 'authnRequestsSigned' => false, 'logoutRequestSigned' => false, 'logoutResponseSigned' => false, 'signMetadata' => false, 'wantMessagesSigned' => false, 'wantAssertionsSigned' => false, 'wantAssertionsEncrypted' => false, 'wantNameIdEncrypted' => false, )

\OneLogin\Saml2\Utils::setProxyVars(true); ?>

Hi Natasha,

Thank you very much for your response. I’m very sorry for the delayed reply. I will test your solution and revert back asap. however, I managed to solve it before I get your reply by changing apache settings. however I will test yours again and provide my feedback. Thanks alot!

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