Running Xibo on a Giada Q30W Ubuntu player

Good afternoon.

I work for a digital signage company in South Africa, we are looking at testing the your system, and I was wondering if someone has tried to run it on a unit as described above?

RockChip RK3188 ARM ® Cortex ™ – A9 Quad-Core 1.6GHz
Mali-400 MP4,Open GL2.0 GPU
Full HD 1080p
8GB Nand Flash drive
1 x TF Card Reader (up to 32GB)
HDMI1.4 (support 1080P)
WiFi/Bluetooth + 100MB/S(RJ45) + IR
I/O Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x Audio Jack (3.5mm), 1x 100Mbps (RJ45), 3 x USB2.0(1 x OTG) , 1x DC-in jack 19V,
HW Key Power, Burning, Recovery
Rear antenna

We are currently using these devices with android, makes me sick, no remote control capabilities(requires user input on client side) and this is the reason we are trying to move to Linux, as it is way easier to do remote support e.g. TeamViewer.

Ok so the short form is would Xibo work on this platform and if not any ideas? Or when are you aiming to have a version that could possibly support it?

Looking forward to the feedback on this one.

We have no current Linux player. We’re aiming for something cross platform within the 1.8 series of releases but we’re a long way from that goal at the moment. I’m not prepared to put a date on it at this time.

Running Android though, assuming you’re prepared to root them, then XfA would do most of the management for you. It can be configured from the CMS and upgraded from there too. It has remote screenshot capability. The only time you’d need to put hands on is if one malfunctioned - exactly the same as you would if a Windows device blue screened or a Linux box froze. etc.

That box isn’t on our recommended hardware list, but it’s not a million miles away from some of the Minix devices so it will probably run OK - but you would need to test thoroughly.


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