Running a LED Display 320x160 pixel resoulition

i have setup using 1024 x 768 resolution which is recommend for the led controller and i have placed an element of 320 x 160 starting at 0,0 but when i boot the player it appears about 10 pixels in from the left corner of the screen, no spacing at top any suggestions on how to resolve this ?

Basically you will want to have layout in, not necessary, the same resolution but the same aspect ratio as your screen. Xibo doesn’t rely on designing layouts for a fixed number of pixels, only a fixed ratio.

Then if your screen actually has the same resolution aspect ratio as your layout it should all be fine.
If you have for example images on your layout then you will want them in the same aspect ratio as well so they fit the whole screen/region.

Also make sure that in display profile you don’t have any offsets set.

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Got it working think it was a combination of actual image size and off set size,