RTSP streaming on Windows

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Latest windows client R225.3


Need a solution to stream Axis media RTSP within windows. Is there no way to implement VLC player into the next build?
Other users got this working?

We have no plans to put VLC into the Player. We have been experimenting with using ffmpeg via https://unosquare.github.io/ffmediaelement/ but have some concerns over distribution. We also aren’t entirely sold on the benefits, although it should allow for RTSP.

You could try your stream in ffmpeg to see if it plays?

This our work in progress towards that: https://github.com/dasgarner/xibo-dotnetclient/tree/feature/ffme

Eventually I was able to get this working, used the well known k-lite codec pack where it was possible for Windows Media player to stream RTSP using libvcodec.

Is it stable? not entirely, but it works. That was in my testing, now my company made the decisions to use Android APK on smarttv’s.

Would you care to explain more about what you did to make this work? So you’re playing RTSP streams in regions in Xibo players running on Windows?

I just used k-lite codec pack including the normal video local with RTSP url.
Exactly what @dan said, ffmpeg is the codec what is being used after k-lite codec pack which allows you tu use RTSP streaming in Windows media player…

Just keep in mind, if it works in Windows Media Player, it works in Xibo player. But test this on the same workstation/client you want to use as narrowcasting device.

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