Rtsp link don't work on xibo-linux player

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If i put rtsp-link on layer with “Local Video” layout, cms tell me “There are items on this layout that can only be assessed by this display”.
But, for example, if i playng this rtsp-link on VLC-player, link is work.
I use link from Cam in format - rtsp://login:pass@ip:port/Streaming/channels/101/01
What can I do wrong?

OS - Ubuntu 20.04

Hello and welcome to the community.

The message “There are items on this layout that can only be assessed by this display” is a normal status if your Layout contains online content as the CMS cannot say that the player will display the content as it is not sent directly from the CMS as with file based media which is cached player side.

When you Publish and Schedule to your displays is it playing as intended?

thx for answer, Natasha.

No, XiboPlayer don’t play my rtsp-stream.

I can log an issue with the Linux Player not working with authenticated streams, but I cannot give you any indication as to when this could possibly be fixed I’m afraid as the project is actively looking for help with development on the Linux Player.

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