RTSP for Android

We have a device with Asus Tinker Board 16 GB external memory. We want to broadcast live TV from rtsp: // 8080 link.However, the screen remains black after loading.

Cannot display video. Uri = rtsp: // What = -1003. Extra = -5.
we get the error

I need urgent help.

Thank you

-1003 is Android Media Server’s code for “Cannot connect”.

Your Uri appears to be rtsp:// but you’ve said it’s in port 8080 so you’d need your Uri to be rtsp:// - assuming no path is required.

8080 needs to be added in right?

If it’s RTSP then the correct URL would be rtsp:// based on what you’ve put in your question.

If you think it’s then that doesn’t sound like an RTSP stream to me. I would check that it is really an RTSP stream you’re consuming and not something else.

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