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Hello community,
We have a serious problem with our Xibo installation.
So far everything is working and we have multiple monitors running.
The only features that are not working are datasets and RSS feeds.
We have tried everything and have not been successful.

In the log file it tells us:
The “getData: Failed to get data cache for widgetId 2418, e = Cache not ready”

The layout is not played out to the monitors.
Our system:
Latest Xibo version .11
The docker installation of Xibo

All monitor variants have been tried /Android/tizen/windows

So it can only be the Docker installation or Xibo itself.
We have tried the trial of the Xibo cloud…there these layouts work on our monitors. All settings adjusted identically…no success.

We would also like to hire a specialist here for a fee…as this problem needs to be solved.

Many thanks in advance