RSS Ticker to show 20 most recent items


I’m trying to display the 20 most recent items from this RSS feed:

I’m using RSS Ticker.
But no matter what I do, it always shows the 20 oldest items. None of the settings have an effect:

  • reverse order: no difference
  • Disable Date sort: no difference
  • Take items from the:
    • end of the feed: starts at the most recent items of the 20 oldest items
    • start of the feed: starts at the oldest of the 20 oldest items.
      Except when I select 200 items (more items than in the feed),
      then it will start at the most recent one… but then show ALL items…

In Xibo 1.8 when I selected ‘start of the feed’ it started with the most recent item. The xml is also build like this, the most recent item = item 1 in the list…

Can somebody please help me to get this fixed?


Here the same issue but than with

In R4? I have the same.This is a known issue, to be solved in the next upgrade

Is there a Roadmap where we can see the planned releases & dates?

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