RSS Ticker and media:content

We recently updated our Xibo CMS to version 4.07 I see that some of our layouts were retained after we updated. I am trying to use the RSS ticker widget to pull in XML data. Everything is pulling in except for the XML feed images. I have tried to use the default Media Content option and tried to code my template with [media:content|image|url] but neither are working.

The XML output is:

<media:content medium=“image” url=“”/>

Is anyone running into this issue?

On a whole other topic, why does some of my RSS ticker widgets from previous layout have “item template”, “Optional Stylesheet Template”, and “Optional Javascript” and any new RSS ticker widget I create do not…

v4 does not support arbitrary stylesheet/JavaScript entry directly into the layout editor in v4. Instead we have a set of developer tools for producing your own module templates which then appear in the toolbox for drag/drop onto your layouts.

You see the “optional stylesheet/JavaScript” on any upgraded widget which had “override template” ticked in v3.


I think you probably want to select “Custom” as your image tag, and put media:content in the tag.

Thanks Dan. I created a new draft layout in our instance. I setup the RSS ticker using just image element with our XML feed URL. I used the Custom image tag option and populated custom tag with media:content I still do not get the image to display. See screenshot.

I have another RSS widget setup that is displaying images. The only difference that I can see is that one XML is setup with a full media:content tag with URL attribute

<media:content url=“#”>


While the one that is not displaying is self closed and has a medium attribute declared.
<media:content medium=“image” url=“#” />

The feed in the RSS widget that is working is using the Media Content option in the Image Tag drop down as well.

I have tried both on my draft but it does not display the image(s).