RSS not working reliably. getData: Failed to get data cache for widgetId 191, e = Cache not ready


I’ve set up a custom Xibo 4.0.4 on Debian 12, utilizing PHP 8.2. While using the latest versions of both the Windows and Linux players, I’ve been facing challenges with the RSS feeds displaying inconsistently.


  1. RSS Feed Display: Even though the feeds are always visible in the web preview, they do not consistently show on the players. Sometimes the RSS field is empty and sometimes it is filled
  2. Feed Duration Discrepancies: I’ve set certain RSS Feed items to be visible for 30 seconds. However, the display time is unpredictable. Some items show up for just half a second, while others last up to 20 seconds.
  3. Log Error: The CMS log consistently reports the error: “getData: Failed to get data cache for widgetId 191, e = Cache not ready.” In addition, it throws out HTTP 500 errors, however, I find no errors in the nginx-Log of the RSS or Xibo server. Lastly, the displays don’t reliably download “global” and show up red in the Display overview.

Logs & Screenshots:

I’d greatly appreciate any insights or solutions from the community regarding these issues.

Hi @xibo-user, I have the same issue with a remote dataset, where I see the fetch data task is stalled on execution and the log shows me a similar error “getData: Failed to get data cache for widgetId...e = Cache not ready”. Did you eventually figure it out? Is is perhaps a permission issue on a local path? My install is also based off the git repo on ubuntu 22.04 with php 8.1. I have a secondary docker install which does not have this issue, though it does have other issues.

unfortunately, my Problem still exists and the RSS-Feeds are not working. The Paths should all have the correct permissions and I also have the encryption keys needed.

I am now contemplating just running a web server to parse the data and just display that in the layer, as RSS has never worked reliably for me…

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