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Hi, I am using Xibo 3.3.4 with docker on linux
In our layout there is a region with a rss ticker. The date comes from the feed of a lokal radio station.
Most of the Items of the feed are too long to show up in one line so somehow it apears in two lines but not at the end of our region. that means, the brake is not made at the right positon so some of the content is missing.

two questions:

  1. Is ist possible in the layout to fix the length of a line in the region so that it must brake at the right position?
  2. or is ist possible to put som characters like “+++” between each item of the feed?

Best regard, Udo

You can kind of rig this up yourself by going into the Templates of the ticker widget and changing it to add text/code before or after each item element in the RSS feed.

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