RSS Feed Module Error issued by SQL Error

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after upgrading the CMS to 4.0.10 I’m having issues with the RSS Feed. The Module is not loading anymore. I’ve created a blank layout for testing and added different RSS Feed types without any configuration and getting an unexpected error immediately:

The log is showing a mysql error:

run: SQLSTATE[22001]: String data, right truncated: 1406 Data too long for column ‘originalFileName’ at row 1 Exception Type: PDOException

It seems to be an upgrade error of the fieldtype during the mysql migration from 5.7 to 8. Has anyone similar issues or maybe a workaround/fix for that?


This is caused depending on the number of characters that a URL containing the media file coming from an RSS has.
This happens when the number of characters is greater than 254, as the “media.originalFileName” column only has space for 254 characters in the database.

I was able to fix this error by changing the “originalFileName” column at the “media” table from a varchar(254) to varchar(700) (or longer/shorter depends on how many characters are coming from your media URL via RSS) using the command bellow:

ALTER TABLE `media` 
CHANGE COLUMN `originalFilename` `originalFilename` VARCHAR(700) NULL DEFAULT NULL ;

Or using the workbench:

I’m just citing what solved my case.
If you have no experience with databases, be very careful with any changes you make;
Always make a backup first and remember that you are responsible for any such changes.