Rights based users

Hi Devs,

I was trying to create users with different rights. For example, 1 user has rights only to upload media and create layouts and campaigns and other user has rights to schedule a campaign.

I created a user with User Type - User and went to Page Security and Menu Secruity tabs where “Schedule” is by default not assigned. Below are the screenshots.

I even tried to assign and again unassign the rights but doesn’t work.

But when I login to this newly created user, I see that Schedule, Layouts, Templates, Media and DataSets are assigned by default. How do I create users as I mentioned above?


Hi Jainam,

So when you created your new user, he was probably assigned by default to the ‘Users’ user group.
That user group has some permission by default so that’s why your user has them too.

You will want to:
Create a new user group
Go to User group page in CMS and:
Check ‘Members’ of ‘Users’ unassign your user from there
Check ‘Members’ of your newly created user group and assign your user there

Adjust either your user’s permission or whole group (but perhaps leave group without permissions, create users with specific permissions and assign them to that group)
Just remember to change the user group for any new user.

Thanks Peter, this helps.

When I assign displays right to one of the users I created, there is no option to “Add Display” even though the user has page and menu permissions for displays. Am I missing anything?

I am glad that it fine now.

As for ‘add display’ you can’t do that from the CMS, when you connect a new display device it will shop up on displays page in CMS and then you can edit that display (to give it display licence etc.)

My bad, Peter. I totally forgot that…thanks a ton for the prompt replies

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