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I work on a project to display high quality material (images) with large background at 1920x1080px.
We need many kind of animations and transitions and I can not get all that from the layout designer.

Normaly I create all this on a website with Wordpress and Revolution slider plugin, a css/html5 slide builder. Pictures and text are super smooth on a simple pc in Chrome browser. I now want to load the website with the slideshow in Xibo to display with android top set boxes. From start the slide was ok, not smooth like the pc but later on, a few hours it’s slow. Really slow, the images do not fade-in anymore, and text freezes.

Question is, can I preload the stuff displaying? or is there another way to do this?

What android devices are you using to display that please?

hmm since it’s on android, you could simply put the images in one region (full screen region) and text in separate region.

Text can have its own animation (fade, scroll, marquee etc).

As for images, the fade and fly transitions are available in the CMS (you will probably need to enable them on Transitions page first).

That way (ie if you upload your images and put them on the layout) player will download images and all transitions etc should be smoother than when it was displaying it from a webpage.

Thank you for the quick answer.

The player is a Minix Neo X7 mini
Information here:

The interface of the layout designer is not that easy like the revolution slider real time wysiwyg editor. I can also get transitions and timeline more the way I want. This is the link to what it looks like right now:

I will play around with the layout designer and see if I can manage to do a similar page with it. How is other people working with their layouts? want it more dynamic, and if it’s hard to design it will become more static when it comes to make new layouts or changes to old one.

Really like Xibo and the community, want to be a part or support the develope in any way I can.

I see, one other way of doing it, could be a video perhaps with your image and animations and then use video module in Xibo (so it also would be uploaded to the CMS and stored in player storage).

There is also this topic, you can contact Mikael Slideshow module feasibility?
We haven’t seen this custom module, so I’m not sure if it will work as you want or how many changes it would require to suit your project, but perhaps it could be interesting to you - keep in mind that’s 1.8 series and any custom dev should be considered for 1.8 (rc1 coming soon™)

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By doing some reading I figured out the best way to get this as smooth as possible is to create a video as you said. I will try to work with video in the background with all the graphics and animated text. And the dynamic content as a layer above edited in Xibo layout editor.

So next question is, what video format is prefered for backdrop in full hd with regions on top of that?

Is it possible to add transparent png on top of the backdrop video?

Is the video automatically downloaded to the android player? or I set this in some preferences?

Will follow the development and try to help as much as possible to the slideshow project, if not in code maybe in funds :slight_smile:


Just as a note, I hope to be soon able to submit for review my code for a slideshow module.
For the moment, the effects are only those offered by jquery cycle plugin, but that might evolve later.

What you told about the effects being slow after some hours is interesting. Did you use the original firmware (4.2) or did you upgrade to 4.4 (kitkat) ?

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Happy to hear that you working on the code. If you need any testing or help in any way let me know.

I have been trying different hardware and software to display some advertisement at our company. I was actually using our Smart TVs to browse the website with the Wordpress revolution slider plugin and got it pretty smooth there too… but same issue after a few hours. It’s so slow, like it’s no animation at all.

Needed a better way to manage all screens and searched a solution, found Xibo the best to be and I can run the CMS myself at our webspace. Graphic I need to do is complex, large layers and transparent png images and nice text transitions. Layout editor was not working for me since I have alot of layers and need to see what it looks like in a live view.

Running Android 4.4, have also a Tronsmart with plenty of power, same issue there, works pretty good and later on very slow. All I can think of, if it’s not the Android boxes it must be my host. I will upload material to another server and try it tomorrow.

Been playing same slider from another host and it’s the same problem. Pretty good in the beginning then slower in an hour or two.

Hello Alex,

If you’re still interested, you could try the code. It is available here :

As Dan stated in the mentioned thread Slideshow module feasibility?, rendering a slideshow through browser based rendering might cause memory issues, but you have experienced that by yourself it seems :slight_smile:

So following his advices, the slideshow module restricts to 10 images max (which could as a precaution be scaled to the region). It also uses progressive loading.

It really lacks testing so I’d be happy to hear how it works for you.


I Have installed a fresh 1.8 Beta on my server, added the addon as instructed but get a eternal loop of the spinner when using the addon.

I try to add 1 image to the slideshow and the spinner is just looping.


Thanks for taking time to test, and sorry to hear it did not work. I’ll try to see what could be wrong in the next days.

You’re saying that you have the same issue on your SmartTV (not running Xibo?)

It seems then you may have a memory leak or other issue with your application. Long-running scripts, even ECMAScript has to be optimized to avoid memory leaks.