Returning to a default layout after a certain period of time without the need of XiboIC

General information:
CMS Version 4.0.9
Installation with Docker Desktop on Windows based on the official compose file
Latest version of the Xibo player snap version (installed on Ubuntu 22.04) in a VM

Dear Community,

I am considering Xibo as a solution for a signage project, but there is one specific need of which I am not sure if it is met: Is it possible - without the help of the XiboIC helper library - to switch from Layout 1 to Layout 2 when a widget is clicked on Layout 1, and to switch back from Layout 2 from Layout 1 after a certain time of inactivity?

I am quite sure that it is possible through custom triggers, but for the casual end user it seems to be too difficult to realize. I am aware that switching from one Layout to another is no problem, however switching based on (in)activity doesn’t seem to be possible via the default ways as far as I could tell. One idea I had was going down the route of schedules, but there wasn’t anything that looked promising.

Is there a way and if yes, what is the best and simplest way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Unless you use the API, I don’t think that’s possible.
Maybe by triggering a playlist (instead of layout)… Or just a Widget in layout #1 rather than another layout.
What do you mean about XiboIC?

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Thanks for your reply! What I meant with XiboIC is the JS library ‘Xibo Interactive Control’ available on Github.
The idea with widgets is probably not possible in this scenario, as the goal is to play an advertisment video when the display is not in use. But the idea with playlists is good, how would I go about this?

Thanks in advance!

Sorry, actions to playlists are not possible.

But if layout #1 contains the advertisment video, and layout #2 contains the rest of the content to be displayed when the screen is in use, then you can set a duration on layout #2 for it to disappear automatically and return to layout #1.
Just schedule layout #1 without time limit (= always).

To be honest, I’ve never needed to use “actions” on Xibo, but I’ve already tested a few things.

I don’t know if the layout called with an action disappears or remains active after its allotted time.

To be tested :wink:

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve tried the following now (based on your idea): Setting Layout #1 as the Default Layout and jumping to Layout #2 when clicking on a widget. The duration of Layout #2 is set to 60 secs. I went with the default option instead without time limit as it seemed to be more convenient and achieving the same thing, I hope this assumption is correct.

Sadly I cannot test if the display will remain active - as you describe it in your last sentence - because my player in an Ubuntu VM is not reacting to any clicks. Do you have any solution to this testing problem ad hoc?

Thanks in advance.

To test click actions, it’s best to test on Android.

I think it can work on Windows.

I wouldn’t recommend using the Linux player, which has been out of date.
A new version is planned for the end of the year.