Resuming playback in xibo client

Is xibo client player able to resume playback?
I have a project in a trade center with 5 clients connected to video wall. They must be completely sync in playing videos, but if any of them be restarted for any reason (like power cut) or one of them turn on later than other, it doesn’t resume from schedule and continue to play what other clients playing, but it play the layout from the beginning.
Is xibo capable to control over a scenario like this?
Our server and clients are windows now but it doesn’t matter to switch to linux, I just want to know if there is a solution for my plan with xibo.


Sorry that I have to tell you this but there’s no inter-player sync in Xibo.

Perhaps you could hook the output of one Player to an HDMI scaler or similar which then breaks the output up in to squares and sends the right bit to each TV - should work better with Xibo.

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I think you misunderstood my point. I don’t have a problem in breaking the output for video walls, the video wall itself does the job.
The problem is in the clients that I can’t sync them with each other. there is 5 windows clients and if one of them malfunction and be restarted layout play from the beginning. how can I solve this?