Resolution/Zoom DSCS9

Hi there,

we bought a DSCS9 from Xibo and want to display a website with it.

Unfortunately we have a problem with the resolution.

The playback should take place on a 4k UHD monitor. The Xibo layout is designed for 4k.
Unfortunately, the content of the website is displayed much too large. If I open the same website with a monitor on the Windows workstation, the resolution is usable. On the Android system, the display is almost unusable.
I seem to have this problem with all websites. Here with
Windows Player Monitor 1920x1080:

4K UHD TV Android DSCS9:
The highest possible resolution is set on the DSCS9.

What can I do to ensure that the display on the Android system is also ok?
Can you zoom out? Is it possible to force a resolution in the layout?

Hi Rene_Schmidt, welcome to the community!

I’ve been testing with your website using a DSCS9 and a UHD display. I set the resolution of the layout to FHD Landscape and set the Options setting in the webpage widget to Open Natively.


This displayed the layout on my player like this:

Can you try the same and see if you get the same result?

Many Thanks.

Hello, “Open Natively” did not help. But setting the resolution manually was successful. Thank you

Excellent news, I’m glad the issue is now resolved.

Many Thanks.

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