Resolution privileges


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Add view privileges to resolution similar to layout privileges
ability for admin to either assign a resolution or set of resolutions to a user, or ability to set view permissions to resolutions.

User Story

I run many digital displays on this system. they are all different company’s.
they all have custom resolutions that i put their name in currently like 64x288 burger king.
currently when they create a layout they need to assign the custom resolution to their layout for formatting.
but if i have a 128x288 McDonalds resolution, now burger king can see McDonalds sign is on the same network.

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The intended use of Resolutions is to use a Resolution to match the Display you intend to use and are not designed to be User/User Group specific. This ensures that multiple Users can use the same Resolutions without having to create individual ones over and over again. Do the Resolutions need to be individually named or can Users simply select their intended Display size, eg McDonalds choose 128x288 and Burger King choose 64x288?

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