Resolution Android Player

Hi, we use an Android Player (X96 Mini Smart TV Box Android 7.1).
If nothing is set in the display profile, the xibo player status shows 1280x720.
Android player and Display shows 1920x1080.

If i use 0,0,1920,1080 in the Display Profile, the xibo player status shows 1920x1080, but the screen size is too big.

Does somebody know, how to adapt these Android Player?
On a Samsung smartphone it works all works fine

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What resolution are you using for your Layout? You can check this in your CMS, how you check will depend on the version of CMS you are using.

For 1.8 CMSs: Go to Layouts option in your CMS, click the button at the end of the Layout and choose Edit. There will be a tab named background which will tell you the resolution you are using.

For 2.0 CMS, open the Layout in Designer and make sure that no regions are selected, you will see the resolution in the Edit Layout region in the top right corner of Designer.

Many Thanks.

By default Xibo runs at the full resolution the device offers.

If you use a DSDevices DSCS9 for example, it will run at 1920x1080 which is the resolution that device runs at.

The device you’ve bought is only capable of running apps at 1280x720 resolution, and then it upscales the output to whatever resolution your TV shows. You need to get a better device, or a different firmware for the device that has a 1080p frame buffer.

thanks for your help-
We use “1080p HD Landscape”.

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Is that what’s going on there.

I have one of those too - it’s really nice for 39 bucks - and it has a menu to select what resolution it should run at. But it did not occur to me, that that was just controlling an upscaler.

Oh well. Amazon has great return policies; I’ll go to something more expensive.

Hi all,
thanks for your help.
Is there no android player below 90 EUR (e.g. DCSC9) , which is able to show true 1920x1080?