Reset/regenerate hardware key on Linux player

I need to be able to create new players (Ubuntu 18.04 with latest Linux player) from a ‘cloned’ image of a working player. I’m using Clonezilla to create images of the HD and then create many new players from that image. This part of the process works fine.

The problem I’m having is that all the players come up with the same hardware key so appear to the CMS as a single player.

I’ve tried using the ‘–hardware-key’ option on the xibo-player command line; it appears to ignore it.

Thoughts/suggestions are welcome.



Thank you for your message. The easiest way to resolve this would be to open the Xibo Player options application in Ubuntu and click the Advanced tab. You will see a field named Display ID. If you set a unique value here, then click save, you should receive a message stating the Display is now active and awaiting Authorisation. Now you will see a new entry for your Display in your CMS. If this does not resolve the issue, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

I also have a second suggestion in case you would prefer to use the command line. I found that you can also modify the cmsSettings.xml that contains the Hardware Key, listed as the displayId. I was able to change this by opening a terminal and changing to the common directory for my player. In my case it was at the below directory, yours may be different:


Once there, I used the nano command to edit the cmsSettings.xml file. You can then modify the displayId entry to a different value and save to confirm. When you start the Player, it will contact your CMS and create a new entry that you can Authorise.

Many Thanks.

Yes, a command line option is really the only workable option for me. I can then automate the solution rather than manually changing each player as they roll off the bench.

I will give this a go – thanks!

Sounds good, I’ll wait to hear from you in the event there is an issue.

Many Thanks.

Worked like a charm – many Thanks!

Now, if we can just remove the burdensome overhead of the desktop environment, that would be great. :wink:


Oh, just in case someone reads this thread later – a restart of the xibo-player is required for it to recognize the change in the displayID. I just rebooted my device after making the change. After a few minutes the new displayID appeared on the CMS where I was able to authorize it and set a default template. All is working as expected with the new displayID.

That’s my bad, I forgot to add the part about the restart of the Player, you’re correct that this is the final important step.

Glad the solution is working for you, all the best with your future Xibo Player setups.

Many Thanks.