RequiredFiles, Layout not found


I’m trying to download files to my Android (DSDevices DSCS9) client from Xibo CMS. Since the 2 files are movies I want them to be played from my device in stead of Xibo CMS to save bandwidth. However when I assign the files to the display I see some errors in the logs files, see screenshot below.

What am I doing wrong or how can I solve this?

Can you provide a screenshot of your Status Page on the Display please? You can access it by clicking on the screen while the Xibo Player is running and selecting Status from the Action Bar at the top of the screen.

Many Thanks.

Hi there,

Attached two screenshots

The files I would like to download have a size of 672.84 MiB and 69.2 MiB

Thanks for the screenshots. Can you confirm that you have a Default Layout set for the Display? You can check this in the Displays option on your CMS, click the small down facing arrow at the end of the Display and choose Edit. You will see the Default Layout option under the General tab.

Many Thanks.

No that drop-downfield is empty, should I use a default layout in order to get this working?

Your Display will need a Default Layout set. Can you set a valid Layout as your Default for the Display and let me know if that solves the issue?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

I’ve set the default lay-out but can’t see that the files are actually being downloaded. At least I should see the disk space increase of the client, or find the files somewhere on the system right ?

Browsing the logs I only see the following messages appear every 5 minutes:

“onEventBackgroundThread - HeartBeatEvent, XMR unresponsive, issue reconfigure.”

See attached screenshot, the display is online and connected but these errors are being added to the log.

To reconfigure XMR, select the Displays option in your CMS, click on the Down facing triangle at the end of the above mentioned Display and choose Edit from the menu. In the Edit Display page, click on the Advanced tab and tick the Reconfigure XMR box. Save to confirm.

You have another error that suggests your Display has a network connection but cannot contact your CMS. If you select the Displays option in your CMS, can you confirm:

  • The Last Accessed date
  • The Status for that Display (Tick, Cross or Cloud?)

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

I’ve reconfigured XMR but still seeing the same logs, including a new entry:
“XmrMessageReceiver socketpair failed: EMFILE (Too many open files)”

The last accessed date is set to now (or a couple of minutes back), the status for the display is a small cloud after I assign the files for that display. A couple seconds later it’s ticked.

We’re using the Xibo Cloud CMS.

Thank you for confirming you are using a Xibo Cloud CMS. As your CMS is hosted on our Cloud Service, please open a Support ticket so that the issue can be looked into further. Please also provide the CMS URL in your Support ticket:

Many Thanks.