RequiredFile.xml is missing

Hello all,

I have downloaded the Xibo client .net code. It is running but I am not getting other options on screen and it is giving error as ‘RequiredFiles.xml is missing’. Please help


Is your player correctly connected to the CMS? ie did you enter correct CMS address and secret key?
This file along with other standard files and media files used in layouts scheduled on this display should be in your player local library - by default - /Users/(username)/My Documents/Xibo Library

I dont know what is CMS. I am running the code on windows and the Xibo library is not there on the required path. Can you share the library with me??

Does anybody has any information about RequiredFiles.xml file???What is contains??

Xibo is in two parts - the Player and the CMS (content management system). You need both parts to run Xibo. Please read though the manual as it may assist your understanding of the application.