Request Feature: Description when hovering display status


Not sure where Feature Requests are supposed to be posted. Features forum seems to be more for logging bugs and/or presenting features you’ve written yourself.

Anyway. I’ve noticed if you hover the mouse over a status icon in the status column under the category layouts - you are given a brief description. For instance if you hover over a tick - it says “layout is ready to go”, If I remember correctly an exclamation marks says something to the effect of layout has yet to be built.

If you select on the left hand frame “Displays” there then appears a list of your displays - In the status column you get various icons. The ones I’ve seen so far appear to be either a tick, a cross , a cloud symbol. If you hover the mouse over that icon, you don’t get a description of the icons meaning. Could that be added so you get a similar explanation as per the layout page?

Is there also anyway of knowing if a display is currently doing a download of layouts and associated media. Does the cloud icon mean a transfer is in progress or does that mean that a download is required?



That’s actually a bug, as we would expect it to show the status description when you hover over the status icon.

I’ve created GitHub issue for it here and we will fix it in 1.8.12 -

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

As a more general note, the features category on this very site is where all Xibo community members are welcome to create their feature requests, we of course cannot guarantee that all of them will be implemented, but it is a good way to let us know what is required, so we can consider it during future development.

Aha, Thank you.

I’ll try and post in the correct area in future.