Renaming DataSet and Creating a new one throws an error

Hi, i’m working with the API 1.8 when you edit a dataset via backoffice gui method, and you rename the code, the name and the description, if you try to create via API request, the same dataset with the previous name, code and desc , it throws “ There is already dataSet called dataset_1. Please choose another name”. There is no other dataset with same name since it has been updated to a new one. To clarify

Code / name / desc
dataset_1 / dataset_1 / dataset_1

Via backoffice this was renamed to

dataset_2 / dataset_2 / dataset_2

Api’s call:

Create dataset : dataset_1 / dataset_1 / dataset_1

the API throws error message saying that dataset_1 already exists

What we can do to solve this problem?

The name check there is with sql LIKE so it is not exact name check, which perhaps it should be, so say you have dataset_2, it will not let you create a new one called dataset - as this search term will match the existing dataSet.

However, if you have dataset_2, then I’d expect that you can create dataset_1 without problems - I certainly did not have problems to do that.

Could you confirm CMS version for me please?