Remove Windows 7 taskbar


there’s a way to completely removed the Windows taskbar ?
I have to run xibo in screesaver mode because sometimes the bar overlaps Xibo window when launched as exe.
I have already use the autohide function but sometimes it doesnt’ work at all or generates strange results as you select the show desktop area in the bottom right corner.

Any idea ?

The taskbar should not be visible, any recent Xibo versions is by default set to be always on top - unless you change player size, open player status or press windows key.

Sometimes I get the result in the attached pic (I have removed company logos)

The way i understand it, is that if there is a popup, the taskbar will go “on top”, even if you have surpressed all the messagebubbles on the client.

Our, rather ugly, workaround is to restart the explorer.exe process at regular intervals. That makes the taskbar go away and it does not disturb xibo.

Has anyone seen the same in win10?