Remote Datasets updated with empty values

I have a Dataset defined to be updated from a remote source.

The “fetch remote database” job is scheduled correctly and running regulary.

When I test the Data URL there are entries to be loaded.

Nevertheless the Dataset stays empty even after clearing the cache.

This is what my dataset settings look like.
“Truncate Data” - always
“Limit Policy” - first in, first out

I need the Dataset records to be updated, so no new rows to be appended.

Thank you very much for any help in advance!

Hi @whoisbarry,

Have you set the ‘Column Type’ for each column to be ‘Remote’ and specified the ‘Remote Data Path’?


Hi @Frazer,

my bad! :face_in_clouds: Column Type wasn’t set to remote… Now it’s updating correctly.

I experience the data to be displayed with a . as decimal separator.
Any chance to change that according to the location settings of the display? Here in Germany I would like to have , as decimal separator as well as . as thousand separator.

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I would use another column to do this (one that is not remote), using the FORMAT function. The first argument in the function is the name of the number column that you want to format the data from; the second argument is the number of decimal places you want the number to have; and the third argument is the locale value which dictates the decimal and thousand separators.