"REMOTE" connections with TeamViewer

Hi guys,
we have a feature in CMS 2.3.5 called “Remote” which can be used to connect to a client desktop by using Teamviewer.
I however am not able to use this, after adding the Teamviewer ID to the CMS, clicking remote won’t connect to the client. I am using Firefox.

Any guides of how this should work with Windows client?

The CMS just makes a link to https://start.teamviewer.com/SERIAL_NO, which is a teamviewer hosted page for connecting to that device.

If you go to https://start.teamviewer.com and put in your serial number, does it work? If not then unfortunately I think its a question for TeamViewer support.

Thanks Dan!
About “Serial_No” are we talking about the display’s Teamviewer ID or the serial number we use to register our Teamviewer?

I have inserted the ID of the Teamviewer installed into the player to CMS remote field.

It is the display’s team viewer id - I think its referred to as the partner Id in most cases.

Thanks Dan!
It is all correct than.
Connection won’t work with Firefox or Chrome :frowning:
It works with only Safari. This of course is not an issue of Xibo, it is issue of TeamViewer.

Are there any other way than using Teamviewer?
Or perhaps another type of question,
do we have any way of watching what’s running on player?
I mean watching everything that is running on player. Single layout preview won’t help because there can be more than one layout and it is not live watch.

There is VNC as a possible option - something like TightVNC is open source - but we have no direct expertise in that option.

I’m surprised - I’ve only ever used Chrome as my desktop is Ubuntu and don’t usually have an issue. But as you say this is really a TeamViewer question.

Unfortunately not - TeamViewer, VNC, WebKey or another remote management tool is what you need here (remote desktop even).

Thanks Dan!
connection with Firefox and Chrome indeed does not work while using TeamViewer.

I only wish we had a way of having preview of the content.
Example: Click menu/Displays and select the player you want to have a preview of and click “Preview”
system shows everything running on the player. In the same way as we do for layout preview.

This would indeed help a lot.
Any chance to have this as a new feature?

We don’t have any sensible way to pull the Display output back from the Player fast enough - other than to use existing remote management tools that are available. (and we don’t think its sensible for us to re-implement TeamViewer / WebKey)

If you mean previewing completely on the CMS - you’re really talking about a full featured web player which is much more complicated than it sounds and basically means developing another Player. Not something we have time to do at the moment.

Thanks Dan!
Most of us already using TeamViewer and or WebKey.
With these tools, there will unfortunately always be issues which is something Xibo or we users cannot do much about.

what i mean was, we go to the player and simply click preview. This would make a virtual preview of all the content currently running on the player. A real player is not involved at all.
This indeed is very big help and i believe most of us does need it.

How would this be better than individually previewing the Layouts on the CMS? If the goal is to “see what is happening on the Player”, then I don’t think this helps at all? And if you already trust that the Player will show things in the same manner as the Layout Preview, then you already have the tools available to preview each Layout in turn.

Is it just a case of adding a Layout Preview button to the Agenda View in the Schedule? That way you could simply go down the list of Layouts and preview each one.

Hi Dan!
thanks for the response.
No mate, the goal is not to see what is going on on the player, it is to see what content you have applied to it. Yes, you are correct we have tools for preview of layout but the preview is only for a single layout.
What we need is to be able to preview everything applied to a player for the following reasons.

  1. Player has more than one layouts scheduled + default layout (this can sometimes be more than 10 layouts). When there is a need of knowing what is scheduled to lets say player001, we need to first check the schedule and after that dig all those layouts one by one and click to preview one by one.

  2. We have a player with wrong content, client says there is wrong content but doesn’t know or can’t tell what is the name of the wrong content but can tell how it looks. In order to be able to find and remove the wrong content, we need to do all mentioned at “reason1”.

What we need is,
In order select “Displays” go to the display you need to see the content of, select “Preview”.
This action checks all the content applied to the player and starts displaying it in order of how it is assigned. Yes, this is a virtual player that shows the content applied to the selected player but it is not the real player at the field.

great idea to add a button to the Agenda View in Schedule but this however should show everything scheduled to the selected player not only one layout at a time.
If we say to the user, “Click the preview button to see all the content assigned to the player”, user will jump of joy but if we say, “You have to click one by one and see what you have assigned”, user will say, come on, you serious? i have over 10 layouts scheduled, do i really need to click each one of them?

I hope this gives you an idea :slight_smile:

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Thanks - I do see the problem you’re trying to solve, but I am not convinced downloading and watching potentially hours of content in the order it would play out on the Player is really going to help.

What about extending the Agenda view so that you can see a mini preview next to each Layout, like Campaign Preview page? You’d be able to see which Layouts were active due to their Scheduling, and quickly watch what is inside them.

It might seem like I am resisting your idea, and that is true :slightly_smiling_face:, but with the best intentions.

I am very much against having something in the CMS which will emulate a Player and play out a Schedule - a virtual player as you name it. Regardless of how we intend for it to be used, people will use it as a real Player and there will be endless issues with it. We’ve gone down the route of using only web technology in a Player in the past, and found it completely unsuitable and unreliable. We can’t put something into the platform which is not possible for us to support.

I understand that this is not your intended usage, but we have to consider the platform as a whole when we make decisions about what to add.

Thanks Dan!
This is very much appreciated :slight_smile:
if this (what you are suggesting) is possible to have, please let us have it.
I also do understand completely what you are saying. Your suggestion is good and it will give us pretty much what we need.

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Great - I’ve added that as a feature - status below:

Thanks Dan!
you guys are doing a great job! :slight_smile:

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