Relinking Datasets

Hi Xibo-Xperts,

i recently exported a layout for use in a new Xibo CMS. It was originally connected with a Dataset.

The Problem is, that the ID of the new Dataset in the fresh CMS is different from the old one, thus the Dataset is not linked to the layout. The Dataset itself is fairly complex and i would need four copies of it to have the right ID (5).

Is there a way to change the ID in MySQL (which i doubt, there should be constraints) - or to duplicate the Dataset until i reach the desired ID and the Layout relinks automatically?

Thanks in advance for any help

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Unfortunately you’ve identified a known hole in the layout import/export which is rather more complex to fix that you may like.

Even if we could get your datasetId up to the required ID via some sort of copy/adding dummy ones - you’d still be stuck because the column references in your layout are by datasetcolumnid, which will also not-match. Unfortunately this means the only sensible option is to delete and recreate your widgets that use dataSet.

As DataSets have become more popular this is also giving us some support issues - so we do want to fix it. I’ve created an enhancement request to track it:

Hi dan,

thanks for the info - so the workaround for the meantime is to recreate the ticker region and choose the new dataset manually?

Thanks again

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Yes exactly that unfortunately