Regular Maintenance task not running

I have just had to restore a backup of our Xibo CMS (docker, 2.3.8) to a fresh install of Ubuntu server. It all seemed to have gone okay, so I upgraded to 2.3.10, which also seemed to go okay…

A couple of days after, I noticed that the players that come on via WOL were not turning on in the morning, but if I sent the WOL manually, they turn on fine.

I checked the tasks and saw that the Regular Maintenance task hasn’t been running, and it’s next run time is now in the past (see screenshot). it has a small bug icon next to it, I don’t remember seeing that before, what does that mean?

I have tried right clicking and selecting Run now, and also gone into edit and ticked the Active tick box, but it doesn’t change the last run or Next run times. I checked the logs, and there is no mention of task 2 running, but plenty of others doing so.

Any ideas on how I can get the task to run again?

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