Registering display gives: ***document.cookie="referrer="


Some years ago, i tried Xibo on a wampserver and now i took up the lead for a demo project.

I installed CMS on a free hosting site ( for demonstation purpose. Later i will run it on a payed host.

CMS seems to work fine but registering a windows display shows a message when saving:

document.cookie=“referrer=”+escape(document.referrer); location.href=“”;This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

I tried this on another PC with windows 10 and get te same message.
The displays are not appearing in the CMS.

Any hints to solve this issue ?

Perhaps have a word with your web host.

Something is appending ckattempt=1 to the URL (and that’s not Xibo doing that)

Looks like it’s related to your hosting service.

This thread explains:

Thank you for your prompt answer!
I tested with Hostinger and this works fine.
Case closed