Regions not showing (windows client)

Xibo CMS 1.7.5
Windows client 1.7.5 (installed on Windows 8)

I’ve tried to make some layouts with added regions. However, the (windows-)client displays only the content of the primary region (created with the layout). The content of added regions are not displayed (regardless of the type of content). In preview-mode all regions/content is displayed. Help?

Sorry for this basic Q. I’ve searched the community, but couldn’t find an answer.

thnx in advance, regards, Berry

Hi Berry,

The problem is that current .net client doesn’t support overlapping regions.

So you will want to either reorganise your layout or use android client.

For this and more differences between clients please see Feature comparison section of this site

thnx Peter. I’ve tried it on an Android VM and then regions display fine indeed. Seems I’ll be looking for a minitix then!

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